Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching My Breath, Coming To Terms

I have to admit that I have fallen off of the blogging train for awhile. I must apologize. I don't think that my life has lost validity or that my children have stopped being cute and funny, Lord no! They are cuter and funnier than ever, as a matter of fact. It just seems, that I have been floundering a bit, trying to find my way. I seem to be lost in the familiarity of my life after being sick for so long.

Perhaps it wasn't just that I was sick, it was the nature of the sickness. The strength of some of my pain meds would knock me out and leave me in a haze and I truly have no memory of complete blocks of days, and on top of that my headaches were so bad that I had to just lay in my room and have no interaction at all with my family. That I am literally having to re-work myself back into my life, or I was, that work is almost done now. There is a "but" to all of this though.

But, it isn't exactly the same. The husband is the same, the kids are the same, it's all the same, except me. I am a "chronic migrainer" now and that has an affect on me, on us. The headaches can hit at any time and last for who knows how long... You know? I could go on, but I am sick of it all. Let us just say that the headaches are still a part of our lives and they affect us now in an ongoing way. I get almost caught up, and then a headache comes along and I am behind again.

I am sort of limping along, trying to find a rhythm in what is potentially a rhythmless life now. Maybe my life now is more of loosely scheduled or a highly suggestible kind of thing.

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