Saturday, September 7, 2013

Totally My Kid

So there's this thing that's bothered me my WHOLE life. Thing is, I have never, ever mentioned it to another person, not even in one of those, "Hey, tell me ten random facts about you", my sister doesn't know it, my husband didn't know it. It was just one of those little pet peeves that I had that I would remember whenever I watched a particular movie. And then the scene plays out and EVERY time from the age of six or seven, I can never , ever understand why the main character does what she does when there is a much simpler and eco-friendly way to go about the thing (admittedly when I was 6 I didn't know about eco-friendly, I knew about not wasting though).
Now I know you are dying to know what I am talking about right? Like what Movie?? What character??

This movie and the chic in the blue dress and red shoes. And no, it's not the shoe thievery, you do not comprehend what I would do for a pair of ruby slippers, Ms. Gale was ligit on that - plus it was all laws of magic and house flopping and stuff, I can't judge that.
No. Think ahead. They are on the YBR, in the forest and she needs breakfast. She goes up on a little hill, under some apple trees and picks some and starts chomping away. But if you look, bitch has to step around like 5,000 perfectly fine apples already laying there!! She could have just picked up an apple or two and been done with it! She didn't need to pick it off the tree and hurt him and wake him up and wake up the whole grove. Nope. She did not.

Ev and I are driving along a dark highway last night and out of the blue she says, "Hey, Mom? You know what Dorothy does that makes me mad?" And I'm briefly in trouble because I have no FREAKING CLUE who Dorothy is because it's been like a year since she's watched TWoO...
Eventually, I say, "Kid, What makes you so mad?" and, hand to God, she, Evelyn, my 9 year old, born in another country half way around the world, starts going off about old Dot Gale and wasting those apples and making the tree mad. And I was all like "I know RIGHT?!?!" and I was all like just happy, quietly happy. She's totally my kid.

Week One Done

The first week of school has been completed around here and all opinions are in, tallied accounted for and taken into consideration.
First off, Liam. This was the start of year two Pre-K for him so really, no big dealio. Riding the same bus, going to a different room, but having at least one of the same teachers and he honestly could not wait to get back. He has tolerated it great, just a little tired by Friday evening.
Now the big news, Evelyn wanted to stop Homeschooling and go to school this year. Les and I deliberated for quite awhile over the decision but the issue kept cropping up and Ev has always known her own mind, and to be honest, we are the kind of parents that follow her lead. So I signed her up! She's in 4th grade and she loves it!! She is stressing out a touch about some time management things, for instance she is worried about home work and gymnastics but we are helping her to realize she will have time. She just tends to be a BIT Type A and a BIT OCD and a BIT independent....Lord beer me strength.
She already has a few friends, loves the her classroom has lots of bottles of glue, she adores her teacher and is thrilled with the lunch line.

So we are off and on our way for the Academic Year of 2013/2014!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Did You See That?!

That was summer blowing by!! I barely caught my breath!
The usual things happened when you live near the beach- beach things, Fourth of July on the beach, lots of visitors, the kids runn oft-ed to Grandma and Grandpa's for 2 weeks- let's see that took care of July. August has been devoured by a shoulder injury acquired by moi. Because who else in this house would get hurt or sick? Yes, we really haven't been too exciting in  August, just a whole bunch of Ev's summer training for gymnastics, some more beach time and lots of Mom moaning and aching with her shoulder. Bugs and frogs were caught. Books were read (Ev read 25 books on her own).
My Grandpa Matt had a great big birthday and we travelled for that and I got to kiss his face off!
We stayed in Ohio for a bit, dropping the kids off and picking them up again from Smokewood.
Jodi came by for a visit.
Ryan, Kristi and Olivia Kiley came for a visit.
The Klosterman Clan came for a visit.
Ev had a birthday, now she's nine. Papa had a birthday now he's old.
And I loved every minute except for the part where my kids grew actual inches and gained real maturity that I can measure almost with a spoon. Because no-one ever tells you that time is cruel to you if you are a mother, time goes by so fast when you have children, that you consider, every day about going to The Crossroads to make a deal for just one more day with them.

And now   PICTURES!