Friday, October 13, 2017


This is Liam Wayne Ao Zhuang Dillon and today October 13, 2017 he successfully completed reading his very first chapter book!

This is very big time stuff for him. He has struggled with reading for a long time. He loves books and stories, he actually has a very high level vocabulary and his comprehension of read materials whether he reads it or it's read aloud-is off of the charts, but it is the physical act of reading that gives him a hard time. 

You see he was born with his cleft lip and palate, and that directly affected his speech, which has directly impacted his reading and spelling. He is as smart as they come. He just doesn't process reading orally as fast as other kids his age. It is so nice to be able to sit with him, and concentrate for as long as he needs on a chapter, to really focus on the quality of the words and not the quantity. 

Everyday since school at home began he read a chapter aloud and then had to write three complete sentences about the chapter that he read. He would use the book as a reference for spelling and facts, he had to use "good handwriting". At first, he wasn't too sure about the whole idea, but now he loves it and looks forward to reading everyday. He likes to save reading for last so we have lots of time and he doesn't feel rushed. 

I was pleasantly surprised through this entire book with the different words he actually read correctly and how he seemed to know what larger words meant when we stopped him and asked him about the definitions. Word on the street is that he's very excited for the next book in this series (thank you Becca Salani for gifting these to him when we lived in New Jersey!). I have also informed him about the very popular "Hop to 25" a book log that Mama keeps for her students and when they reach 25, they get a special treat. 

So, here's to Liam, the newest reader-face of the Dillon Clan!

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