Friday, March 16, 2018

A Status Update Is In Order

Things around here are happening. Lots of things. Too many things. Too fast. Sometimes I can't catch my breath. The Coast Guard is moving us from Florida to Michigan, we have to sell a house to get there, we have two kids in two different sports, Les is still on his regular Underway schedule with his Cutter , plus he will need to fly out for a "school"(not a complaint, just a statement of fact as his absences can add to the crazy), Billy Bones has been diagnosed with cancer and is not doing well, two more holidays in Florida before the move, Homeschooling two kids- one in elementary, one in middle-school and, just to keep things fun,  I had a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy in January closely followed by the flu that was coupled with bronchitis and sinusitis.

We were expecting the move but they are still hard. Sometimes you feel like you are just settling in to a location and it is time to pick everything up and move on again. This time we are leaving behind a home that we all truly love, we have friends that we care about and man, do we love the weather in February. We are selling this house too, which adds a whole new level of stress. In all of our previous moves, we rented, so we really didn't have to worry over the timeline as much as we are this move. Also? Why does no one ever talk about what a pain showing your house is during a sale? it's about to kill our family slob (Liam for those of you that couldn't guess). The fact that he actually, really and truly, literally has to keep his room clean causes him physical agony.

Billy Bones our wonderful cat of almost eleven years, was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. It's a VERY rare kind of cancer that is called a Vaccine Induced Fibrosarcoma. this cancer makes very nasty tumors that grow fast and aggressively along nerve paths. Apparently even for this type of cancer, Billy's is aggressive. Like, it's the Hulk of this kind of thing. At this point he's not doing that great. We can tell that he is in some pain, he is sleeping 16-20 hours a day, or if not sleeping just dozing or laying there as still and quiet as he can. He only eats about once or twice a day. He still walks around the lanai, he still comes out to sit with us. He still burbles and chirps at us, he purrs. But, I am not sure how much more time we have with our little guy.

Liam is in Little League this season again. He loves it this year more than ever. He really has a head for the game and knows where the ball should go, he follows the game well. After tonight's game, he was totally creased that the Ump called him out at home when he KNEW he was safe. It was like a scene out of Bull Durham. Ev is playing Soccer. She just started her season, her first game is this Saturday. She is very excited to have a female Coach that she really likes and she has lots of girls on her team that she knows. I think it will be a fun season for her.

Homeschooling has been a bit hit or miss since my surgery. I have been trying to get us all back on track but some days I feel completely overwhelmed and intimidated. Other days I am a complete Rock Star. I guess that's how it goes.  Liam is doing so great, his reading is really coming along, it's amazing. He also just gave his first report (it was oral) in History, the subject was Pirates (we let him choose the subject) and we were sore amazed at how well he did! Ev has been working very hard in her math and in her Mandarin studies with Les. I am always amazed at her writing, I need to give her more assignments in that area so she can hone her skills. We are working on a Biology Unit and I am trying to tailor it between the two of them- that is a challenge.

I had to have the TAH because I have a history of some issues, including Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and I also had some fibroid that were giving me issues. My providers her are top notch, just all around great Doctors that truly care and listen and so we all thought it was time that I have the surgery. I have never been pregnant or given birth, so with my PCOS diagnosis, my chances of getting cancers in the female reproductive organs were very high. I had been asking various Doctors for a hysterectomy for at least 10 years but no one would do it. So, finally, all my dreams of surgical menopause have come true. Yes, Virginia, menopause is as fun as you've heard.

So that's what's happening. We are busy and happy even if we are a bit stressed. We are sad about Billy but we will make sure he is loved until his last moment with us and we will not let him suffer. And come hell of high water we will all end up in Michigan.

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