Heroes Emerge

This will probably be the last thing I write about concerning Brevin and all that he and Melissa went through but, I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the people in our lives that showed up and made a difference.
First, there was my parents, his Grandparents. I have never been a Grandparent so I can't begin to imagine what it's like to love a grandchild- so thinking about loving a grandchild that is fighting for his life is even farther away from what I am able to envision. I know that it was hard on them (and that is an understatement). I know that they were ragged and raw and just as lost as Melissa and I were. I know that they were there every single day. My Dad actually spent an entire 48 hours or more there at the bedside with them as I cared for my own children while they were sick. I know that my Mom was in a state of constant prayer and agony. I know that they were there and they did what they could. There was never any doubt about their love and commitment to that little boy.

This man who lived in his mother-inlaw's house for 6 days-essentailly alone, taking care of two kids- one sick and one frightened. The man that had my back, the only person I could look at and let out my grief and fear to. The man that returned to New Jersey alone to work his job, even though he wanted nothing more than to stay close to Brevin. The man that did not breathe easy until he saw footage of Brevin walking and running and chasing his daughter. My husband and rock, who is, according to Brevin, "The World's Greatest Uncle". He has the coffee mug to prove it. The man who would ferry his children one hour each way just so they could spend a few minutes with Brevin and eat a meal with their Mama. The man who loves Brevin like a father loves a son. 

Then we had the Aunt that would show up every single day. She sat with Melissa and I through at least two of her own vacation days from work and I am not sure that we thought to make sure she was eating. I know that she made sure WE had food and drinks. After her vacation days were over, she would work all day, grab a bite to eat and then show up at Brevin's bedside and stay as long as my sister needed her to- even if it was after her own bedtime. She would take the time to talk with my kids when they were there for a brief visit and she never failed to make them feel like things were as normal as they could be. She was strong and smart and she never let anybody get away with sub-standard care for Brev. She fought like a tigress when she needed to and she offered solid, common sense advice when she needed to. This is our Nonnie and we love her. 

Then there is the Aunt that would deliver entire meals of lasagna and bread- again after her own work day and after caring for her own family which includes her elderly mother (my Grandma). The Aunt that brought Faith - the one person that made Brevin leap out of bed. The Aunt that brought Nerf guns. This is our Mickey and we lover her too. 

And Faith..

And then there was Tilley (Jenny). My sister's friend from what? Junior High? Well, anyway they have been friends for a long while, so I was no surprised in the least by the way she showed up, prayed and cried over Brevin, lended us support just by being there. The way she got the word out. She truly is an overachiever in all that she does and I am so glad my sister has a friend like her. Heck I am glad that I can call her friend. She would leave her own boys, go in late to work, drive all by herself- just to sit with us. Just to be there. Just so we would know that we were not alone. And she would bring granola bars!

Then there is Tracy. Spacenik. The one that did surprise me. Her willingness to demand help for my sister, her audacious move to contact the HR Dept. at Melissa's job. Somehow I didn't get a picture of her. But she knows....what she did, what it meant. 

I have already talked about Mrs. Williams, Brevin's Kindergarten teacher. The woman amazed me. I will never forget her visits to Brevin's bedside and what it cost her to look at him and smile and not break down right there in front of him.

Then there was the love and devotion found in, what I think to be, a surprising place. We had the Step-mother that would work all night, then drive a long distance to see Brevin with her own eyes. She would arrive with balloons that made him smile and little sisters that made him laugh. I have no doubt that the feelings she has for Brevin are real and strong. 

The woman that sent a HUGE bag of snacks and slippers and magazines and blankets and puzzle books to the hospital- she rocks.

I would also like to talk about Nurse M. M was an absolute dream and I feel like she was an angel from Heaven. I could not have made it through those first two days without her and her quiet reassuring ways.

The good folks at my sister's work. The ones that donated money and PTO time. The ones that made the most awesome SuperHero Banner. I know that Melissa is in near shock at the generosity and love that came from old SamHo.

The people that would pray and pray and not even really know us. The entire 4th grade class at a certain Catholic School. The people on Facebook that prayed, left comments of encouragement and messages of love.

The family who prayed far and wide. My cousins. My Mother's cousins. 
The Aunts and Uncles. 

Our cousin Sarah who would come by on every day that she worked (she is a nurse in the same hospital) and most of her days off. The way that she could not rest until she checked all of the iv bags, the iv sites on his body and his general condition. How is it that I don't have a single picture of her either?! 
Sarah's brother, our cousin Chris who inspired Brev to throw a ball all of the way across the room.

The parents and teachers at Brevin's school. The outpouring of support in almost every way has left us all with a renewed faith in humans. I am not exaggerating- they have been amazing. Every child in Brevin's class has kept their well wishes, the pictures, their precious crumpled dollars rolling in- I hope every child in that class has the best Christmas ever because they are GOOD kids. 

If you said a prayer for Brevin... If you left a comment on this blog, Facebook, or Caring Bridge. If you stopped any part of one of your days to think of Brevin and send him good thoughts...If you sent money, cards, food...If you donated PTO time... If you were a Doctor that decided to treat both illnesses..If you are a Nurse that was right there in the trenches with us...If you made him a picture... Sent him a bear...

We thank you.
We are so moved by the things that you have done.
And please know that every single pto hour, every card, gift card, dollar and prayer were needed. Truly needed. 

This blog entry is no way was meant to include some people and not others. I tried my best to remember in detail, all of the things that were done for Brevin and Melissa. If I have somehow overlooked you here- please know that Melissa knows better than I where the help and support came from. (And I am sure I will get a call informing me of my lapses because she is truly amazed and grateful for your help.)

I have spoken of a fundamental change that has taken place with in my heart. Half of that change comes from seeing what God can do, and the other half comes from seeing what good hearted people can, and will do when called upon. I may never be able to repay any of you in and profound way but please know that I will strive to live by your example and pass along the kindness and generosity that you have sent our way.

In the words of Jenny..."look what God gave us!"